Computer Training

On July 24, 2017, registration for orientation and training courses switched from the CCRS system to the LearningHub. If you had an account in CCRS, your information has been transferred to the LearningHub linked by your email address. When you first log into the LearningHub, create an account for yourself and use the same email address that you used for CCRS. 


Many students will require access to the Patient Care Information System (PCIS), in which case you will need Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) training. Training is mandatory for all students on their first placement at PHC, but may vary depending on your role here at PHC and what information you will need access to of patient records.

If you had previously completed training and only require your account to be re-activated, you will still need to complete and submit the form applicable to you. 

Additional systems used at PHC requiring training include Access Manager (AM), Enterprise Scheduling (ES). See below for information specific to you. 

Please be advised:

  • All students require an HSPnet user ID in order to receive access to SCM. 
  • Systems used at PHC may differ from those used at other Health Authorities.

Instructor Led Clinical Group Placements

Instructors or school coordinators are to submit training date requests along with the completed Nursing SCM Request Form (middle initial required) to:
Fax: 604-875-4064

Instructors or school coordinators may submit a request to hold seats for training dates in advance, then send in the completed form once confirmation of student assignments have been made.

Nursing SCM Registration Form 


Preceptorship Placements

Step 1

Instructors, school coordinators or students are to complete and submit the Nursing SCM Request Form (middle initial required) to:
Fax: 604-875-4064. 

Nursing SCM Registration Form

Step 2

Students are to then register themselves for the below training through the LearningHub.  

Acute and Residential Care:

PHC PCIS 100N SCM Nursing Basics
PHC PCIS 200N SCM Nursing Order Entry

Emergency Department:

PHC PCIS 012 ED Nursing Basics
Clerical Support


Step 1

UC School Coordinators are required to complete the UC SCM Registration Form and submit it to Deb Shaw, the UC Placement Coordinator. Arrangments will be made for the students three day orientation:
Fax: 604-806-9854

UC SCM Registration Form

Step 2

Students – once you have been notified of the SCM training dates you have been assigned, please register:

Acute UC PHC-RS #023


Step 1

Students, you will need to confirm what training is applicable to you based on the area you will be placed. You can do this by contacting the Client Registration Information Systems (CRIS) Team at 604-682-2344 ext. 68106 or email at Once course requirements have been confirmed, complete any forms necessary and register for training as per directions below.

If you require SCM training, you will need to complete the HSS and MOA SCM Registration Form (middle initial required) and submit it to:
Fax: 604-875-4064. 

HSS MOA SCM Registration Form

Step 2

Register for training applicable to you, based on feedback from the CRIS Team. 

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM)

PHC PCIS 100G SCM Basics 

Access Manager (AM)

AM Registration for Clerks / Unit Coordinators PHC-RS #008

Enterprise Scheduler (ES) Training

Enterprise Scheduling Procedure Completions PHC-RS #005
Allied Health

The following occupations may require training and access to SCM: 

  • Physiotherapy (PT)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) 
  • Speech Language Pathology (SLP)
  • Respiratory Therapy (RT)
  • Social Work (SW) 
  • Dietetics

Step 1 

Please review the Discipline Specific page to determine if you require training. If it is not noted, you will be notified if you need this training during your on site orientation. The department manager / supervisor are required to sign off on this training. 

The signed internal Allied SCM Form can be emailed to or via faxed to 604-875-4064. 

Allied SCM Registration Form

Step 2

When requested to, register for the following courses: 

PHC PCIS 100G SCM Basics
PHC PCIS 300 SCM Referral Order Entry


Residents & Medical Students

Residents and medical students will need to complete the PHC PCIS 150G (Physicians) - SCM Basics Online course available from the LearningHub. Please review the PHC PCIS E-Learning Training and Access document (link below) for instructions to complete training. If you have any questions regarding PHC PCIS Computer training, please email

PHC PCIS 150G (Physicians) - SCM Basics Online
PHC PCIS E-Learning Training and Access.pdf

If you have previously completed SCM training, you are not required to repeat the training. Once on site, if you do not remember your password or your account needs reactivating, please contact Service Desk at 604-875-4334 or extension 69333. 

Emergency & ICU 

Residents and medical student interns doing rotations in the Emergency Department (ED) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) require additional training. Please refer to the PHC PCIS E-Learning Training and Access document and register for the applicable courses.

Dictation ID

Once you have completed SCM training, contact Transcription Services via 604-806-9696 or email to request your dictation ID. Please allow 1-2 business days after your SCM account has been created, for your dictation ID to be activated. 


Your CareConnect information will be emailed to your UBC email address. Should you have any questions, please contact Service Desk at 604-875-4334.