The security team at PHC is here to provide safety and security as it relates to staff, patients, and facility assets including students and instructors.

Security acts on directions by clinical staff in the support of patient care. That said, security can not be left alone with patients at any time; there always needs to be clinical presence for if the patient falls under any medical distress, the clinical staff is present to identify and treat as needed. Clinical staff does not include Lab Technicians or Porter / Ward Aids.

Call Priorities

  • STAT calls
  • CODE calls
  • Aggression calls
  • Patient Care calls
  • Access request calls

Prepare for Security

Please discuss with the team lead what the plan is for the patient interaction and inform Security of your patient’s condition and necessary precautions to be taken:

  • What personal protective equipment (PPE) will be necessary
  • If the patient has any communicable pathogens
  • If the patient has any historical injuries
  • If the patient had any recent surgery or trauma that will need to be considered