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If your discipline is not noted, please contact the Student Placement Coordinator ( 

Social Workers

We are proud to offer a Social Work Internship to mature students studying their Masters in Social Work (MSW). 

Internship Overview

The MSW internship program works closely with the UBC School of Social Work in order to enhance the practical experiences provided by the hospital with the theoretical framework provided in the course work. This program provides diversified training opportunities through a consistent approach in field education, practice and clinical supervision. Interns will move through four different rotatations with an assigned field instructor to each rotation. These four key areas include: acute medicine, community health, urban health / mental health and residential care and will consist of multiple sites across PHC.

In addition to work related experiences, MSW interns learning experience will be enhanced with weekly related small group in-services and workshops to build on knowledge base associated with practice.


The Internship Program runs from September to March, 3 days per week for a total of 450 hours.

  • Approximately 0830 – 1630 depending on the assigned area
  • Monday and Tuesday will be spent in the field
  • Friday will be divided into small group workshops in the morning with supervision and coaching scheduled for the afternoon
  • The month of December is booked off

Process for Admission

Prospective MSW Interns from UBC are to submit their resumes and letter of interest to their school Field Placement Coordinator (PC). Cover letters should be addressed to the Social Work Internship Coordinator, Jenny Hyman. Interviews are conducted by panel between June and July. Successful applicants will be notified prior to the end of July. 

If you are not a UBC student, please submit your resume and letter of interest to the PHC Student Placement Coordinator. Please be advised spaces are limited.

Orientation (after Acceptance)

  • Review the Orientation Page and complete all requirements that are applicable to you.
  • The PHC SW Education Coordinator will contact you to confirm your start date and Hospital Orientation which is two weeks and will begin in early September. Computer training and PHC ID will be organized at this time.

Congratulations to those accepted into the program!





In partnership with UBC, we are pleased to offer Dietetic practice education placement to UBC Dietetic students. Other short term placements may be considered based on workload and availability. 

Practice Education Overview

Our Practice Education provides experiences in nutrition care and management as part of the UBC Dietetics program.

Practice Education Scheduling

Clinical placements are 6 weeks and may take place at various sites across PHC.

Orientation for Practice Education Students

  • Review the student Orientation Page. There are other mandatory orientation components but they are not required prior to the start of Practice Education. However, some (e.g., Criminal Records Check) require time to process so it is best to start those as early as possible.
  • Additional training may be required for CST Cerner (electronic health record) and other nutrition specific computer program training such as Computrition.

Other Student Experiences & Observations

If you are not a UBC student and interested in a practice education placement, you will need to make arrangements through your educational facility. Short term and observation experiences may be considered. Please submit your requests to the Student Placement Coordinator describing the type of placement you are interested in. Make sure to include the school you are associated with and how many hours you are requesting.

Students on observation placements will not require Orientation. You will however be required to sign the Confidentiality Undertaking found on the Orientation Page and potentially additional forms provided to you by the Student Placement Coordinator.




Currently under review. Please contact your School Coordinator for more information.