Congratulations on your placement!

The orientation on this page will take you through three main parts. The Mandatory Orientation, ID/Training Orientation, and Site & Security Orientation. Please take the time to read through each section carefully and complete and submit any required documents.

Mandatory OrientationAll students and faculty are required to complete this section of the orientation.

Every student and instructor doing a placement at PHC is required to complete the Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO), confidentiality undertaking, and other components outlined below and on the checklist. Please ensure all orientation requirements are complete and up to date.

Please be advised, proof of completion may be requested. Unfortunately if any component applicable to you is not completed or up to date, you may be asked to leave your placement until all requirements have been met.

Part 1: Required Courses

All students and Faculty entering a lower mainland health authority for a practice education experience must complete the following courses before commencing placement. All of these courses are available on the LearningHub.

Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO)


SPECO is valid within PCH, VCH, FH, PHSA, Island Health and Interior Health. With the exception of the modules noted below, it only needs to be completed once for the duration of your program.

*WHMIS is currently in a period of transition between two protocols. Until the end of December 2018, we are asking all students/instructors to complete both WHMIS 1988 and 2015 modules. After December 2018, only WHMIS 2015 needs to be completed.

SPECO Modules that require renewal:

Infection Prevention and Control (renew every 2 years)
Code Red Online Course (renew annually)


Part 2: Required Documents

  1. Read the Providence Health Care Confidentiality Policy.
  2. Sign the Confidentiality Undertaking and submit it to the Student Placement Coordinator as outlined on the form. Keep a copy for your personal records. This only needs to be completed once for the duration of your program. 
  3. Complete and submit the Orientation Checklist along with the supporting documents to your school coordinator. 
PHC Information Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Confidentiality Undertaking
Orientation Checklist


Expected OrientationWe recommend you review the following as you are expected to follow these guides.

Part 1: Discipline Specific

Ensure you complete all orientation requirements applicable to you before starting your placement by reviewing the Discipline Specific Page. 

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Part 2: Photo Identification

School identification must be worn on the left upper chest and be visible at all times while on placement at PHC, preferable ID with a photo. Only instructors and preceptorship students requiring access to locked units will be granted PHC identification, unless otherwise indicated by the unit manager or as noted on the Discipline-Specific page. 

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Part 3: Computer Training

Nursing, clerical support and allied health requiring access to patient records & current lab results will need to complete computer training for use of the Sunrise Clinical Management (SCM) program. Refer to the Computer Training page for more detailed information. Be advised, this system differs to the one used at VCH.

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Part 4: Violence Prevention Training

Providence Health Care is committed to preventing workplace violence. As part of SPECO, all students will take the e-learning portion of the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC), which consists of 8 online modules.

In addition to the e-learning modules, PVPC offers a classroom module (8-hour session) that is designed for heath care providers who work in high risk departments. At PHC, designated high risk areas include Mental Health In-patient units, Emergency, Medicine, Urban Health units and clinics, and Residential care. 

With some exceptions, it is not mandatory for students who have preceptorships in high risk areas to take the PVPC classroom module. Students who are required to take the classroom module will be advised accordingly.

However, preceptorship students in high risk area are welcome to take this module if they wish. They can register for the course through one of the links below.

Violence Prevention - PVPC Classroom - Acute - Providence
Violence Prevention - PVPC Classroom - Residential - Providence


Part 5: Guidelines and Orientation

Review the BC and PHC guidelines and policies related to student practice.



Faculty new to PCH or returning after being absent for more than one year must be oriented before commencing placement. This is to be done by another faculty member with previous experience on that site/unit.

If this is not possible, please contact the Student Placement Coordinator to arrange for site orientation at least three weeks before a placement is scheduled to begin.


Your instructor, preceptor or supervisor will orient you to PHC.


Part 5: Dress Code

Dress must reflect a professional appearance and maintain safe standards of care. All students and faculty are to be appropriately groomed: neat, clean and tidy at all times.

When giving direct patient care, hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back and moustaches or beards are to be neatly groomed. Cosmetics should be moderate and jewelry limited to non-dangling small earrings, plain chain, plain rings and watches. Prosthetic nails are not acceptable. Shoes are to have the toe and heel closed. Scented products are to be avoided, ie. Lotions, perfumes, etc.



Helpful OrientationAdditional information about parking, security and observation opportunities

Part 1: About us

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Part 2: Security

The security team at PHC is here to provide safety and security as it relates to staff, patients, and faculty assets including students and instructors.

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Part 3: Parking & Transit

All PHC facilities have parking access, some of which is pay parking. Unfortunately due to high demand for limited spacing, special rates will not be offered to students or instructors at St. Paul's Hospital.

Alternatively public transit is available close to all facilities and often recommended. For locations and more information about parking & transit options, visit our website.

Providence Health Care Website
Bike Locker

A bike locker is available for use at St. Pauls Hospital. Generic passes my be provided. To get access, please email the Student Placement Coordinator.


Part 4: Observation Opportunities

Observation Room (OR)

Observations in the OR are a valued experience by numerous professionals in their education. Students who require the operating room experience as part of their professional education (i.e. they cannot graduate without it) will be given priority.

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Other Observations

Observation opportunities are considered on a case by case basis. Please direct any enquiries to the Student Placement Coordinator


Discipline-specificEach Discipline has specific requirements and procedures. Please check your discipline’s page for more information.


On July 24, 2017, registration for orientation and training courses switched from the CCRS system to the LearningHub. If you had an account in CCRS, your information has been transferred to the LearningHub linked by your email address. When you first log into the LearningHub, create an account for yourself and use the same email address that you used for CCRS.