Submitting Your COVID-19 Immunization Info


All nursing and allied health students and faculty in long term care clinical placements are required to submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination (Provincial Health Officer Order August 20, 2021).

This applies to students at any of the following PHC sites:

  • Brock Fahrni Pavilion
  • Holy Family Hospital – Extended Care units
  • Honoria Conway
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital – Langara
  • Youville Residence

Until October 11th ...

If a student or faculty member is not able to provide proof, or if full vaccination* status is not yet achieved, they must:

  • Wear a medical-grade face mask while on site;
  • Maintain 2 metre distance from everyone at all times unless actively providing care.

From October 12, 2021 ...

Student placements will be permitted only after providing proof of full vaccination (2 doses with the second dose received at least 2 weeks prior to Oct 12th).


Submission Information

Before submitting your immunization info, please have the following available:

  • Your school email address
  • A legible photograph of your COVID-19 immunization card or slip of paper that was issued to you when you received your vaccination. If you have 2 items to photograph, please photograph both pieces together to make one photograph.


Access the online submission form using the following link or QR code:


If you have any questions or difficulties completing the e-form, please email PHC Student Placements at